Six good men who will entrust you for life.

Marriage is a big event of a lifetime. If you choose the wrong one, it can be said that it will be finished in a lifetime. The man is afraid of choosing the wrong woman and is afraid of marrying the wrong man. This sentence is not fake, but how can I find a good man to make myself happy for a lifetime? What? Let’s take a look at what kind of man is worth your life. First, the man who has the righteousness and the righteousness begins and ends. From the first day he likes you, you are all read more

Good! Male sexual ability can exercise

I still remember the scenes in the three-level movies in Hong Kong in the 1980s that exaggerated the description of sex. There are not only astounding scenes, but also many of them say that male sexual ability can be used to achieve the change. At that time, I still felt that this was a fake. I didn’t expect it to be true. The movie just exaggerated it. 1. Starting from exercising, first of all, to enhance sexual ability begins with physical exercises. The study found that pelvic floor muscle read more

Men no longer love you 15 performances

When a man loves you deeply, how do you think he is cute, your waywardness, spoiled in his opinion is not a thousand dollars, but men and women are different, the man said that the breakup is really divided, A woman said that 10,000 times of breaking up is not necessarily true once. Today, let’s take a look at what the 15 performances of men no longer love you. 1. Even if you tell him a joke, he is an impatient or very polite face. 2. When you are shopping together, he is no longer taking read more

What if I want a child to have bleeding during ovulation?

Female friends come to menstruation every month, and every woman has ovulation period, but the time is different. Female friends will have various problems during ovulation, increased vaginal discharge, increased secretion, bleeding during ovulation, etc. These are the more common symptoms nowadays. In the face of these symptoms, everyone must do a good job of conditioning the body. What if the child wants bleeding during ovulation? The ovulation bleeding is similar to that of menstruation. When read more

How to use the thermometer to measure the ovulation time?

Now many female friends know that they can use body temperature to test the ovulation period, so everyone bought a thermometer, but there are still many people who don’t know how to measure it. How to use the thermometer to measure the ovulation period? Remind everyone to test the ovulation period with a thermometer. When you must first test your basal body temperature, in order to have a comparative effect, but also to better test the ovulation period, let’s take a look at the specific read more

What are the symptoms of normal ovulation in women?

For women who want to get pregnant, they want to further improve their chances of getting pregnant by understanding the symptoms of ovulation. Of course, the ovulation period can be accurately determined through related calculations and examinations, but many friends think that this method is more troublesome and wants to simply judge the ovulation period through changes in the body. So let’s talk about the symptoms of women during normal ovulation. 1, vaginal discharge increased leucorrhea read more

How to calculate the safety period and ovulation period?

How to calculate the safety period and ovulation period? The ovulation period is about 14 days before the menstrual cycle, and the safety period is the time after the ovulation period, but even in the safe period, the contraceptive measures should be taken for women who do not want to be pregnant, because during the safety period, It is possible to get pregnant, but the chance of conception is low. How to calculate the ovulation date of women in the safe period and ovulation period is generally read more

How can the pregnancy in the same room during ovulation be the fastest?

How can pregnant women in the same room during ovulation? For many female friends who want to have babies, most women have such doubts. How can they be pregnant in the same room during ovulation? Will ovulation in the same room reduce the conception rate? On this issue, the following is a small series. Will use scientific knowledge to explain specifically to everyone. The highest rate of ovulation in the same room during ovulation is also known as the gestation period or the dangerous period. read more

How do people with irregular menstruation count ovulation?

“Today’s overtime is added to the middle of the night at 12 o’clock.” “Severe smog pollution in many areas is expected to last for many days.” Is there a voice like this that is close to you? Menstruation is an important basis for calculating ovulation. However, modern life pressure, poor environment, and other factors can lead to irregular menstruation, then how do we calculate the ovulation period? In fact, there are many methods, Xiaobian today briefly introduces three methods, read more

Healthy sex begins with lower body movement

Life is in motion, but movement is also targeted, you have to learn to classify. Breast enhancement should be done to expand the chest, and thin thighs should be exercised in the legs. If you want to improve your sex life and have more and faster sex, then you must do the lower body exercise. This article introduces you to the lower body movements that improve your sexual life. In fact, sports can not only make people’s body shape, but also add people’s interest in sex life. A women’s read more