These performances that can’t be concealed prove that men fall in love with you.

The beauty of love is not in the air, but in the plain. In ordinary days, because there is a person around you who loves you, every day is more hopeful. When there is difficulty, there is support. When you are happy, someone will share it. When you are alone, someone will accompany you. For a woman, there is a soulful man around. Silently paying, silently to yourself, better than anything else. The feelings of men are hidden in every little thing. If a man is moved to you, there will be performances read more

What makes you “not interested”

Work pressure is too big, no mood, I feel that my body is not good-looking, I have no passion for a long time together… There are many reasons for people to reject sex, but there is often only one result: sexual life becomes disharmony, relationship with partner More and more alienated. Recently, the “Online Doctors” website of the United States invited three authoritative gender relations experts to clear the common sex barriers for readers and make the sex life better and better. read more

These anecdotes about “love” you and TA should understand

From love at first sight to getting older, each partner should know something about love. Recently, the British blog site “Spring” summed up some anecdotes about love, both men and women should have some understanding. It takes only 0.2 seconds to fall in love. When you see a favorite male (female) person, the brain only needs 0. In 2 seconds, various hormones are released, including oxytocin, dopamine, vasopressin and epinephrine. In a sense, the feeling that love brings to the brain read more


夫妻如果想要感情更和睦,那么拥有一个和谐、完美的性生活是非常重要的事情。而且,夫妻性生活完美,更有助于保持两性健康。很多夫妻称自己的性生活总是会遇到很多问题,如果想要拥有完美性生活,下面两种方法值得一试。  1、挑逗疗法  纯粹观点——两个人同时冥想性爱,就算身处异地也可以。  建议两个人面对面坐下来,或者一人躺下一人坐着,睁着眼睛,一起冥想做爱的过程,集中精神交流有关性爱的想法。  实现它——很不错的想法!但是如果这种很少被提及的冥想令他东张西望怎么办?  男人喜欢电话做爱,告诉他这是一次电话性爱游戏,是你们一次良好的性热身。开始的时候,两个人都闭上眼,集中精力相互发送一些情色信息,说话的声音要尽可能小。32岁的马莉结婚已经8年了,她对精神上的性爱前戏有切身体会。 read more

How can I make a good impression when I am dating?

Many “leftovers” of men and women have joined the blind team, but the rest of the girls are generally introverted and do not love to be in contact with people. How do you make a good impression on each other when facing a blind date? Ms. Do not rush to pay the first date, whether it is eating or other consumption, generally men take the initiative to pay. At this time, the woman must not rush to pay, you can choose to return to the men when the next date. This not only gives the man read more

Sexual physiology common sense that women must know

In fact, most women don’t understand their vaginal, labia and other sexual organs. They feel that they have a sense of shame, but in fact, for your reproductive health, learn more about protecting their knowledge so that they can stay away from disease and trouble. Troubled. “She” has formed the embryonic genital organs in the first four months before birth and will gradually mature, and eventually let the baby have their own gender. In the embryo about 10 weeks, if the DNA is read more

What should couples pay attention to in the same room in summer?

In the hot summer, many people who like to go out are housed at home. Under the boring, the couples began to move the exercise to the bed and have a hearty bed battle. In this case, accidentally it will hurt the body of two people. What are the precautions for summer combat? 1. Room temperature 26 °C In summer, many couples are cool, or the air conditioner temperature is adjusted very low, or the fan is directly blown to two people in the “sports”. This is easy. Triggered the summer read more

Judging men’s sexual ability through palm prints

The folks have always had some arguments for judging male sexual ability from appearance, such as a large nose, a strong body, and a strong buttocks. Some aspects should be strong, and there is also a saying that the humanity of the front teeth is also very powerful. So today, Xiaobian will introduce to you, the palm is also an indicator of sexual strength. First, look at the sexual ability from the finger to see the sexual ability from the finger, the ancient has. The hand is a partial miniature read more

Praise the little secrets for the woman to listen to

No matter when, women like to be praised by others, eager to be affirmed, whether they care or don’t care, they hope to get recognition from others. Therefore, when you are dealing with each other, men should not marry your praise. Generously praising your woman will make your relationship better and better. A man who is truly welcomed by women is very good at discovering the charm of women, capturing the beauty of women, and expressing their praises at the right time, so that women can read more

Lovers don’t do it, how do you say it?

Sexual life after marriage is a normal thing for couples. Healthy and reasonable sex can increase the sweetness of husband and wife, fit each other’s body and mind, make their feelings more loving, and make life more harmonious. It should be noted that sexual life is not a simple physical exercise, it will have many unsatisfactory situations. For example, the lover does not do well, and he is uncomfortable and unsatisfied. When there is a problem with sex, you should be brave and direct read more