8 major measures to prevent reproductive infections

The genitals are the vital parts of human beings, and they are also the main organs for making love and fertility. When it is attacked by viruses, the whole human body and even ordinary life will be affected. Moreover, the series of genital infections are quite spread, and public safety also causes certain harm. Therefore, prevention of genital infections is very important. 8 major measures to prevent reproductive infections 1. It is necessary to strengthen physical exercise and enhance physical read more

Prevent sexually transmitted diseases need to do at least 5 points

Sexually transmitted diseases are infectious diseases. They are very harmful to the human body and are very difficult to treat and easy to repeat. Therefore, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases is important. At least the following points should be taken to prevent sexually transmitted diseases: 1. Women should not have sexual intercourse during menstrual period and genital disease. When an abnormal situation occurs in a sexual partner, such as abnormal secretions, lesions in the external read more

Six small exercises effectively prevent pelvic inflammatory disease

For modern urban women, lack of exercise is a very common phenomenon. Especially for long-term work at the desk, abdominal movements are even rarer. This leads to the pelvic blood not flowing, which is easy to cause pelvic inflammatory disease. So how do we prevent pelvic inflammatory disease? Today, Xiaobian teaches you several sports to prevent pelvic inflammatory disease. Prevention of pelvic inflammatory disease: 1, horizontal twisting First, keep the body standing naturally, breathe evenly, read more

4 unfavorable factors leading to dissonance

Every couple, couples and couples will encounter some small troubles in their sexual life. It is difficult to directly say this kind of trouble. They can only secretly ask online experts or ask for relevant information. However, it is difficult to explain all aspects of sex, and only to encounter problems and then find ways to deal with them. However, there are 4 bad guys who are the highlights of sexual misconduct. You must be careful! First, sex is in the process of sex, the most prone to sputum read more

Will leucorrhea increase before menstruation? What is the relationship?

Many female friends have such a situation. When the menstruation is about to come for a few days, the leucorrhea secreted in the vagina will suddenly increase without any reason, and even more outrageous. Serious troubles and affecting normal life, and even feel that I have got any disease. Will the vaginal discharge increase before menstruation? We really need to know about it. The origin of leucorrhea After women enter puberty, ovarian function tends to mature. Under the influence of ovarian read more

Simple self-test method for sexually transmitted diseases syphilis

After syphilis infection, the average incubation period is three weeks, and then the disease progresses to the first and second phases (about one to two years). If it is not treated or the treatment is not enough, it can be transferred to the third phase (ie, late), which can be continued. For many years, it even led to death. The onset of syphilis is slow, the symptoms are mild, and early clinical signs often resolve naturally, causing patients to be negligent and early treatment. Patients with read more

Common 4 female topical contraceptives

In both sexes, many women choose different methods of contraception according to their preferences. For example, topical contraceptives are a good choice for many women. In general, external contraceptives include external contraceptive films, topical contraceptive pills, contraceptives, and contraceptives. Let us explain in detail below. The external contraceptive film external contraceptive film has a strong spermicidal effect, and the contraceptive effective rate is over 96%. Before sexual read more

Abortion brings you a few troubles in your life

Although the baby in the belly is a gift given to the love of both sides, it is an affirmation of the combination of two people. But if this gift is not the time…. you have to do abortion. The harm caused by the choice of people to the body and mind of women is immeasurable. So how do you deal with a few minor problems after abortion? There are many irregularities in menstruation, and many people complain that the holiday after abortion is black and sticky. Why is this happening? Because read more

Healthy pregnancy avoids “black” time

Modern couples pay attention to eugenics, and no one wants to give birth to a baby that is unhealthy. Therefore, the time of conception is very important, so how can we ensure the health of conception? First of all, couples must avoid the “black” time, which is the most unsuitable for pregnancy, and everyone must be careful. To conceive, it is safe to avoid black time. Scientific research shows that every person has been undergoing periodic changes in physical, emotional and intellectual read more