These anecdotes about “love” you and TA should understand

From love at first sight to getting older, each partner should know something about love. Recently, the British blog site “Spring” summed up some anecdotes about love, both men and women should have some understanding. It takes only 0.2 seconds to fall in love. When you see a favorite male (female) person, the brain only needs 0. In 2 seconds, various hormones are released, including oxytocin, dopamine, vasopressin and epinephrine. In a sense, the feeling that love brings to the brain is similar to that of small doses of drugs. There is overlap and difference between love and sexual desire. Both involve brain areas related to mood, motivation, and advanced thinking. Studies have shown that sexual desire is not only an emotion, but also involves many advanced thinking processes, and love is reflected in the activity of the striatum of the brain, which is the difference between sexual desire and sexual desire. Kissing shows the degree of intimacy. Kissing is an important way to test new partners and also helps maintain intimacy. The study found that the number of kisses was positively correlated with the degree of intimacy between partners. However, there are many sexual life, and the relationship between the sexes may not necessarily be intimate. After 25 years of life, there is more “couples”. The study found that after more than 25 years of marriage, the face of the spouse will become more similar. A long distance relationship can also be successful. Contrary to common sense, the study found that lovers on each side of the day can maintain intimate relationships. But first of all, the two sides must do two things: talk to each other about very private personal information, and don’t have unrealistic fantasies about your partner. There are four kinds of “poisons” in the relationship between the sexes. Professor John Gottman, an American psychologist, spent more than 40 years analyzing the relationship between happiness and pain. He found that four things would kill a relationship: repeatedly criticizing, excessively expressing contempt (such as irony), posing a defensive posture, and setting up a stone wall (meaning that the two sides completely closed the communication channel). Marriage is also self-growth. The study found that with the changes of the times, the demands of marriage have also undergone tremendous changes. In the past, people hoped that marriage can provide a sense of security and belonging. Nowadays, people also hope that marriage can help self-growth and self-realization. Unfortunately, these demands are often overlooked. An easy way to save your marriage. If your relationship needs some warmth and care, don’t rush to consult a psychiatrist. You can easily achieve your goal by watching a movie together. A three-year study found that couples watched love films and discussed them together, and their divorce rate was significantly reduced. The researcher said: “The educational effect of the film outweighs a lot of skills to reduce the divorce rate. Correctly handle the relationship after divorce. Divorce does not mean that the sexual relationship that once blended is over, especially in the case of children. Divorced couples There are five ways to maintain relationships, the first three are better, including the broken duo: usually the child’s father disappears; the perfect partner: the two are still the best friends; the colleague: the two sides keep in touch, but the point is up. The latter two should be avoided as much as possible, that is, angry companions: the quarrel is still going on; the ferocious enemy: the child becomes the victim of the battle, the body and mind are hurt. Don’t neglect the little things. Live in the high In a commercialized society, we subtly believe that love is a commodity that can be bought and sold, but in fact, love is “details determine success or failure.” A study of more than 4,000 British adults found that small gestures of caring are often most appreciated by the other half. It is a good way to pour a cup of tea to the bedside partner and throw garbage for him.