How can I make a good impression when I am dating?

Many “leftovers” of men and women have joined the blind team, but the rest of the girls are generally introverted and do not love to be in contact with people. How do you make a good impression on each other when facing a blind date? Ms. Do not rush to pay the first date, whether it is eating or other consumption, generally men take the initiative to pay. At this time, the woman must not rush to pay, you can choose to return to the men when the next date. This not only gives the man a face, but also gives both parties the opportunity to meet next time. Second, don’t go to the movies. Don’t choose to watch movies on the first date, because most of the time when watching movies is silent without communication, which is not conducive to further understanding and communication. Experts suggest that the first date in a relationship between men and women, it is best to choose to have dinner together, or go to outdoor public places such as parks, so that there will be a lot of time to communicate, and thus enhance mutual understanding and feelings. Third, pay attention to some small details to determine the success or failure of this sentence, in the love problem still works. On the first date, the man must show enough gentlemanly manners, such as helping the woman to drive the door when getting off the bus, and helping the lady to pull the chair when dining. The ladies must also not forget to say “thank you” to return. It is worth noting that on the first date, both men and women should not be late, leaving each other with a good impression of punctuality. 4. Respect the other party’s first date. When you understand the other’s living habits, hobbies and religious beliefs, you must respect them. You must not harm the other party in any way. V. Performance Self-confidence When men and women are on their first date, they must firmly believe that you can enjoy a very happy date, and believe that you will leave a very good impression on each other. 6. When dressing up for the date of the first date for both men and women, you should inform the other party of your date in advance so that both parties know how to dress and dress more suitable for dating. In addition, the shoes at the time of the appointment are also very important, and the beautiful clothes also need the right shoes to match. 7. Don’t focus on your own problems When you are dating for the first time, you must leave some time to talk to each other. Don’t talk about your work all the time. In addition, both men and women avoid talking about your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. Eight, the duration of the appointment is not too long. Sexual health editors tell us that the first date should not be too long, usually the time of a meal is the best time for the first date. In addition, the date of the appointment is arranged as close as possible to the home. If the date of the appointment is too far away from home, everything will be destroyed by a long journey. Nine, bring a small gift to the other party On the first date of the event, the man can bring a small gift to the lady, but the gift to be taken must not be too expensive. A book and a rose are very good choices. Reminder: What do you want to give your girlfriend a romantic? Ten, the second date should not be too long. After the first date, if you want to see each other again, you should call and tell each other. Time is too long. Similarly, if you don’t want to go further, you should call the other party in time. How about, when you are dating, you want to make a good impression on the other party. Do you know what to do? Hurry and keep the above tips in mind, and wish the parents to get off the order as soon as possible! As the famous brand LELO said, the good impression is The beginning of further contact is also a favorable premise for perfect sex.