Judging men’s sexual ability through palm prints

The folks have always had some arguments for judging male sexual ability from appearance, such as a large nose, a strong body, and a strong buttocks. Some aspects should be strong, and there is also a saying that the humanity of the front teeth is also very powerful. So today, Xiaobian will introduce to you, the palm is also an indicator of sexual strength. First, look at the sexual ability from the finger to see the sexual ability from the finger, the ancient has. The hand is a partial miniature of the human hologram, which concentrates on the acupuncture points that are related to all organs in the body. The signal of the disease is reflected in the different parts of the palm of the hand through the nerves, blood vessels and meridians, so the abnormalities of the body can often be found by hand. For example: The middle and left sides of the vertical bisector of the middle finger are on the left and right sides above the focal area. The lines are too much and the depression is too heavy. It is easy to have erection and premature ejaculation. The little finger is small and short, and it is easy to have kidney qi and kidney yang deficiency, that is, lack of vitality. The clinical manifestations of lack of vitality are weak waist and knee function, and sexual function is not good. The ancients said that “the little finger passed the three levels, and people can live in the same place.” Therefore, the key to the maintenance of physical quality is to look at the little finger, usually more than a little finger. Second, look at the sexual ability from the palm prints like palm prints. There are two or three horizontal stripes between the emotional line (the starting point is from the little finger side, going up, parabolically to the boundary between the index finger and the middle finger) and the little finger. This is called a sexual line, reflecting the strength of reproductive function, generally thick and strong, small and weak; only one or no people, more common oligozoospermia, azoospermia, etc. Some people’s palms are soft and thin Inability, blood color is white, indicating that the blood is not enough, the body is thin, and the sexual ability is naturally not good. Third, the ability to look at the length of the finger. In addition, some European studies have also found that the length of the finger and the degree of sex can be almost equal. Vienna University A study with the University of Northumberland found that the ratio of male ring finger to index finger is proportional to the degree of facial asymmetry. The ring finger is more sensitive to testosterone, so the person with long ring finger has more male characteristics. The degree of asymmetry of the finger also indicates the number of sperm in each ejaculation, the more asymmetric the hands, the fewer the number of sperm, while the small finger is long, indicating a strong ability and fertility.