Praise the little secrets for the woman to listen to

No matter when, women like to be praised by others, eager to be affirmed, whether they care or don’t care, they hope to get recognition from others. Therefore, when you are dealing with each other, men should not marry your praise. Generously praising your woman will make your relationship better and better. A man who is truly welcomed by women is very good at discovering the charm of women, capturing the beauty of women, and expressing their praises at the right time, so that women can be filled with enthusiasm. In a lifetime, women, especially high-profile women, are used to listening to the same kind of praise in their daily life. When they hear your feeling of “you are beautiful,” it is like you used it in the restaurant. After the meal, the waiter said to you, “Welcome to the next visit” is not the same! These praises have been numb to them, and there is no feeling. I feel that this is a must, a habit, and of course I can’t give her any emotional touch, so I must avoid other men. The clichés that started said began. Introduce a few tips to praise women: Xiaobian recommended: 6 traits let men line up to chase you “love liar” used 4 skills to give her a unique praise when praising a woman, usually does not praise her appearance Ok, just praise her for her good shape. For these, the beauty does not feel anything. Similarly, if a beautiful woman is very good at cooking, you praise that her food is good, and it has no effect. She has become accustomed to these praises, one more, one less. So what we want to praise is that it is unique, something that no one else has discovered, or even a place where she is not perfect. For example, when others boast that her clothes are beautiful and their faces are beautiful, you say, “I think your hand is very long, and it is a pity that the hand model company has not discovered you.” Suddenly giving her a compliment is a must, but it should not be kept on the lips every day, and it is “extraordinary” It is a truth, it is cheaper when it is more. Therefore, when you praise, you have to do it inadvertently. For example, when you are chatting, suddenly give her a compliment, then don’t wait for her response, continue the content of the previous speech, just when it does not happen, remember, your praise does not need to immediately get her affirmation, you are just Just found out, just say it, you don’t expect the other party to give you a good reward. You inadvertently brought praise, but the woman suddenly turned her attention to your praise, so she may continue to ask why you would say her, then you will achieve results. Especially officially give her a compliment, although casual praise can give her some surprises, but there are also suspicions that are casually spoken, not true. Therefore, in the time of sexual intercourse, we still need to give her a compliment. If it is a relatively stable relationship, it is more appropriate to praise one or two months. If it is not praised for a long time, you can use a serious compliment. When I chose one time, I suddenly looked at her seriously and called her name. “So, I found out that your neck is really sexy today.” Of course, you can praise her other places, such a serious sudden praise, but greatly deepen your position in her mind. Give her a compliment in the roundabout. Everyone knows that the curve saves the country, and you can also praise the curve. Sometimes, in order to achieve better results, you can adopt this strategy, first expressly hate her questioning her. For example, “So, how can you be so annoying, don’t look at other people, just say you, I hate you.” She must have looked awkward after hearing, and may still be angry with you, etc. When she was about to worry, you said, “How can you hate it so much, how can you be so cute, so annoying, I want to lock you up.” Let her emotions transition from tension to release, power is incomparable Oh. Praising for the camp step by step Sometimes, the praise in one step is not good, but it needs to be step by step. When you find something that she can praise, ask questions and let the other party confirm. For example, “You should be pretty good at cooking. I think such a girl is very attractive.” Hearing this, women generally admit that even if they don’t cook very much, they will say that they will do one or two things, because if she doesn’t cook, then it is not a charming woman. Women are very concerned about what others think of her, she will try to avoid bad impressions. Of course, praising women is not the purpose of men. Their main purpose is to win the hearts of women, learn to praise, learn to sincerely praise from the heart, and then add a little skill, is the most effective praise. Let women be tempted, starting with praise! Guess what you like: Let men love the way to quickly identify men’s hearts and one-night sex to make love to demonstrate emotional stories couples emotional fun and help more content, please pay attention to Feihua Health and sex channels: Copyright: This article The copyright belongs to Feihua Health Net. Any natural person or legal person may not reprint or copy all or part of it in any form without permission. If you want to reprint, you must indicate it from Feihua Health Net!