Lovers don’t do it, how do you say it?

Sexual life after marriage is a normal thing for couples. Healthy and reasonable sex can increase the sweetness of husband and wife, fit each other’s body and mind, make their feelings more loving, and make life more harmonious. It should be noted that sexual life is not a simple physical exercise, it will have many unsatisfactory situations. For example, the lover does not do well, and he is uncomfortable and unsatisfied. When there is a problem with sex, you should be brave and direct to tell each other, fully communicate and communicate, so that you can solve the problem and keep your sex life harmonious and happy. Many couples are embarrassed to say it, this mentality is not necessary. In order to let everyone better communicate with sex, here are a few questions about sexual life and support. Question 1: Every time her sex husband is very hard, but the flirt is not enough, how should I tell him? Weapons: The problems in sex are communicated and communicated. Communicating in marriage, especially in sex, can make your sex more harmonious. You can tell him euphemistically that you want him to kiss you before sex, and you can tell him that you want him to touch you slowly. In this way, your husband will definitely understand what you mean. Only good communication can let him know you. Don’t be ashamed, couple sex life is a normal and healthy thing, as long as you try to communicate once, you will be able to solve the problem more smoothly afterwards. Question 2: Every time he only stimulates me in a sensitive area, how can he change his place? Weapons: Many men have this problem, only to stimulate and tease a sensitive area of ​​a woman. After a long time and more times, it will lose its effect. In this case, the woman should take the initiative to communicate and tell him what to do. If you don’t open your mouth, you can take the initiative to help him change places. For example, when he touches your clitoris, take your hand and put him in another sensitive place, and tell him that “there is a lot of love here too,” and it is more exciting through his stimulation, so that you have a kind of The same sexual feelings. Remember to be gentle when doing this action, don’t open him hard, and remember to have love when you communicate with him. This way he will be aware of your thoughts and not always pay attention to one of your points. Question 3: I am afraid of pregnancy, but he does not want to wear a suit. Should I force him to be? Tips: In order to ensure the safety and health of sex life, almost all experts’ advice is “sexual love to wear a set.” In the case of “no set” sex, a woman must be brave enough to express her own thoughts. You can talk about it, if the man really loves you, he will be happy to wear it. If you don’t love you, leave him early! The effect of sexual communication is here, because sexual life is the spirit.